I have held this in long enough. My place is found. I’ve always wondered why field work didn’t really get me going as much as I felt that it was supposed to. I really wanted it, so why did it make me want to complain every 5 minutes? Well, thats because I loved telling the stories about the research and explaining it better than doing the actual research! Could you imagine? A scientist, doing science, hates doing science. How does one manage 6 months before graduation with this type of revelation? Well, I wrote about it. My whole life I’ve turned to writing as a refuge and not once did it cross my mind to become a writer. I’ve kept a diary since high school. Wrote poems for years and years in the same journal. I get too stressed, writing is there again making me create lists so my pen can slow down my brain.

It didn’t even dawn on me when all of my friends would suggest I become a professor because my ability for explaining complicated science topics belonged in a classroom setting. I wanted a PhD. for god sakes in ecology the most field work oriented career. But I realized while working for the USGS in the fall that I could really live this lifestyle its everything I want without the field work. Its me making a difference and teaching people things that they really should know and its me travelling and meeting people and taking pictures and learning and LEARNING. This is a career field where I’ll never be zeroed in on one animal or topic (which is what I was worried about in ecology because I love everything I can’t narrow it to one field of research) and I’ve never felt so free. So influential.

Alas the reason for this post was to say someone took a chance on me folks! I’m the sole science writer for the magazine Modern Treatise¬†and I am ecstatic. I am finally living my dreams and I’m already excited for the rest of my days. Work coming soon.

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