Tatiana Eaves


Appalachian State University

Completed coursework in animal behavior, ecology, botany, plant physiology genetics, evolution, conservation biology, and physical geography.

Broward College

Dual-enrolled during high school for college credit.


Boone, NC


Coconut Creek, FL




United States Geological Survey

Web Designer/Writer Intern with Toni Lyn Morelli

Designed website for the Refugia Research Coalition (

Created GIS Maps

Writing website content from papers and publications

In charge of translating research finds for better public understanding in the context of social media

Running the social media platforms such as Twitter


Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Smithsonian Intern with Dr. John Parker

Compared canopy cover to caterpillar abundance and diversity within the controlled BiodiversiTREE experiment

Used a Ceptometer and Hemispherical photography to measure canopy closure

Data analysis was performed with R studio


Appalachian State University

Undergraduate Research Assistant with Dr. Ray Williams

Cut rhizomes and planted clones of Goldenrod for study

Ran tests using Gas chromatography mass spectrometry to determine terpene levels

Insect identification under dissecting microscope


Appalachian State University

Undergraduate Research Assistant with Dr. Lynn Siefferman

Field work on the parenting styles of Tree Swallows and their hatchling success

Counting and measuring eggs and hatchlings

Recording field data in excel


Broward College

Research assistant with Dr. Thaddeus Mc̠Rae

Examined various forms of signaling used by, the Gray Wall Jumper

Examined courtship and other conspecific interactions for similarities and differences in the signaling systems of songbirds and jumping spiders.

Recorded and analyzed data in excel.

Assisted with behavioral trials in a lab setting.

Remote Conferencing


Edgewater, MD

Summer 2017

Boone, NC


Boone, NC


Coconut Creek, FL



  • Science writing of biological fields
  • Gas chromatography mass spectrometry
  • Camera Animal Trapping
  • GIS Certified
  • Web Design
  • Knowledgeable using Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
  • Wildlife and landscape photography (Four publications within The Peel: Literary and Arts Review in four years)
  • CPR Certified
  • Epinephrine certified administrator
  • Knowledge setting up mammal track plates and mammal cameras



Independent study performed on the changing populations of various Squid species over the last 35 years under the guidance of Dr. Michael Gangloff.


November 2016


Dr. Lynn Siefferman

Associate Professor, Director, Biology Honors

Department Behavioral Ecology

Appalachian State University, Rankin West 272, Boone, NC


Dr. Ray Williams

Professor of Biology

Department of Insect Ecology and Plant-Insect Interactions

Appalachian State University, Rankin North 217, Boone, NC