About Me

My Name is Tatiana Eaves and I am many things.

I’m a photographer. Since the age of 15 I’ve been capturing animals, landscapes and whatever else could tell me a good story.

I’m a biologist. I live for questions and answers about the world we live in. From the 5 year old version of myself digging for worms and looking at lizard skeletons under a microscope, to today’s version of myself with a B.S. in Biology concentrating on of ecology, evolution and environmental studies.

I am a writer. Our ecosystem is full of stories and I am dying to tell them. I’ve been writing poetry about nature and my journey as a human on this planet for as long as I can remember and am excited thoroughly by knowledge. I want to learn everything and I want to tell everyone about it. Science is a living and breathing organism that needs to be understood by everyone. Science should not scare you but excite you! And I will not stop until everyone knows this.

I firmly believe in art and science coming together as one. Science is art.  This world is marvelous, and I would like as much knowledge about it as I can possibly grasp. If you would like to know of my experience thus far this is a link to my CV.


I entered photography in 2009 have done shoots for various local bands such as Marvlec and The Independent. Featured on this website are also photographs of shoots with model/actress Megan Nager, promoter Alex Christo, and many more. I have been published in The Peel: Literary and arts review four times over the course of years 2014-2017.

Science Writer

Writing in immensely powerful and in communicating science to the general public a good article can make a huge difference. I believe that it doesn’t produce a large degree of change when scientific papers are published if a wide audience cannot understand them. It is the general public that will produce the most change, in reference to conservation and cooperation with science. I work freelance and can discuss various biological fields.

Web Designer

Web Design was something that wasn’t particularly purposeful. I took a couple of classes in high school to earn my magnet diploma and I caught on quickly. I soon began to outdo everyone in my classes with creativity and functionality and ran with it. I became an Adobe Certified Associate in Dreamweaver. When I started photography I figured I needed a website and once that was created. My father, the businessman, told his partners and they uttered it to theirs and soon I became an independent web designer for other companies.